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Veteran Grants in States

Veteran Grants in United States

The United States' Department of Veterans Affairs (short for VA) honors active and discharged veterans by providing financial assistance in veteran grants for health, business, housing, and personal needs.

Who is Eligible for Veteran Grants?

If you are currently enrolling in or have been discharged from the Army, Navy Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, and currently hold a valid citizenship, you may be eligible to apply and receive Veteran Grants.

According to the latest research from US Census, in United States, there are over 22,447,700 veterans (20,623,600 male veterans and 1,823,600 female veterans) distributed into the following:

  • 16,701,200 War-Time Veterans
  • 5,678,400 Gulf War Veterans
  • 7,458,200 Vietnam Era Veterans
  • 2,418,200 Korean Conflict Veterans
  • 1,965,300 World War II Veterans
  • 5,746,700 Peace-Time Veterans

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How Much Funding Will I Receive?

The amount you receive depends on the funding program you apply for. The United States government offers many types of veteran grants including:

  • Veteran Grants for War-Time Veterans
  • Veteran Grants for Housing and Homeless
  • Veteran Grants for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Veteran Grants for Education
  • Veteran Grants for Eligible Dependents

The government has set aside over 1,276 billion dollars in Government Grants this year. Eligible veterans are encouraged to apply and receive the funding they are entitled for.

Applying for Veteran Grants

Apply for Government Grants

It is free to apply for veteran grants. However, not every veteran is eligible to receive veteran grants. For more information, visit: is not endorsed by, or affiliated with, any government agency. Copyright ©